TOKYO – Tokyo Fashion News brings you all the best Asian fashion news direct from Japan and surrounding areas. First for their Tokyo Fashion News F Party feature, FTV heads into Tiffany’s Leather Collection launch party. The new collection went on sale this past April. To commemorate the collection, a presentation was held at the main Tiffany & Co. boutique in Ginza. Many celebrities attended including model/actress Emi Takei, model Rie Hasagawa, model Ai Tominaga, model Reiko Takagaki, model Yoshiko Tomioka, model Satoko Koizumi, model Makiko Takizawa, model Youn-a. The design directors, Richard Lambertson and John Truex, who are well-known in the luxe leather industry, were also on hand to talk about the collection.

Also in the news, a new concept shop, LaGrace Mart, targeting party girls, made its debut in Shibuya 109, a building symbolic of the youth culture in Japan. Kasumi Kanemoto and Chinami Takano, directors of the store, were on hand to talk about it. Popular blogger Jillian Kate came to Japan for the event. Tokyo Fashion News also highlights Mykonos handmade jewelry using real stones. FashionTV gets a close up on the brand.

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