TOKYO – Navigator George Williams leads us through the latest fashion leads in Japan in this week’s edition of Tokyo Fashion News. First, an event for female bloggers called Girl’s Blogger Style 2011 A/W by Galmoni was recently held at Shibuya Ax. All guests were bloggers and the party was made by bloggers for bloggers. Visitors were allowed to take photographs wherever they wanted. Popular brands like Ank Rouge and Cecil McBee had fashion shows at the party. There were live performances by singers like Beni, Thelma Aoyama, and Girl Next Door. Tsubasa Masuwaka showcased her brand Candy Doll and offered makeup tips and cosmetics items from it. She also performed her debut song.

Jun Hasegawa led models Emma Pei and Thai model Mai Davika in an ad campaign photoshoot for Shiseido Za Cosmetics. The girls do the campaign in locations like a supermarket and a nightclub where they showcase mascara and other products.

The alluring shine of the textile brand Sahari was the focus of an exhibition showcasing its 30-year history. Sadao Ikeguchi from the company says he has held exhibitions in Australia and has visited Italy twice. He had a collaboration with a flower artist Shogo Kariyazaki as part of the display. The theme of Kariyazaki’s collection is beauty of fusion.

Appearances: Beni, Telma Aoyam, Girl Next Door, Tsubasa Masuwaka, Jun Hasegawa, Emma Pei, Mai Davika, Sadao Ikeguchi, Shogo Kariyazaki




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