LP Credits:

Produced by Jacques Fred Petrus and Mauro Malavasi
Assistant producers: Dennis Coffey, Mike Thedore and Kashif*
Executive producer: Jacques Fred Petrus for little macho music Co. inc.

High Fashion:

Alyson Williams: Lead vocals
Eric MacClinton: Lead vocals
Melisa Morgan: Lead vocals


Acoustic piano, keyboards synthesizers:
Steve Robin, Kashif, Davide Romani
Bass guitar: Davide Romani, Kevin Jenkins
Guitars: Ira Siegel, Hiram Bullock, Paolo Gianolio, Dennis Coffey
Drums: Yogi Horton, Buddy Williams
Percussions: Jimmy Maleon, Rudy Trevisi
Saxophones: Michael Migliore
Background vocals: Fonzi Thornton, Diva Gray, David Clark Michelle Cobbs,
Kashif, Philip Balou (courtesy of Handshake records, inc.), Dolette MacDonald,
Crystal Davis, Gordon Grody.

Special thanks to Michael Bogan and Steve Murphy of Little macho Co, inc.

Arranged and conducted by Davide Romani (**), Mauro Malavasi & Jacques Fred Petrus.
Lead and background vocals conducted by Fonzi Thornton
Recorded and mixed by Michael Barbiero at Media sound studios, New York city
Assisted by Harry Spiridakis & Don Werhba