TOKYO – Tokyo Fashion News premieres the latest in hot fashion news from Tokyo and Japan. In this clip, Agnes B. premieres her new Spring/Summer 2012 collection, a new photo studio opened and FashionTV was there at the opening reception party for the Factory, and a 170th anniversary party was put on by the French fabric brand Dormeuil.

First, hot brand Agnes B. premiered the Spring/Summer 2012 collection at Tabloid. It was the first Agnes B. show to be held in Japan in 4 years! The theme of the show was Spirit and the runway began with a video message from the brand’s founder. The line focused on masculine and feminine styles with a slight luxury travel theme. Photo prints, ethnic designs, and colors were all part of the package. The men’s theme was Lifestyle Scenes. Celebs who attended include Shoko, model Rina Ohta, actor Hiroki Aiba and more. The Agnes B. film collection To B was also shown here. The urban pop collection To B by Agnes B. was also shown on the runway for the first time in Japan.

A photo studio called The Factory opened and an opening reception party was held to celebrate the launch. The theme was wedding photos and guests were able to watch collaborations from top creators in the fashion world. “We wanted to start doing something more creative at The Factory,” said President Takashi Yoshida. “Bridal photos was one of the things we wanted to change.” Added photographer Kazuyoshi Shimomura, “Fashion cannot exist without dream. I wanted to express the dream world.” Andrej Pejic was one of the supermodels featured in the madcap extravaganza that had Pejic and another female model clad in white and photographers running around trying to grab photos. It was inspired by Andy Warhol’s original studio.

French fabric brand Dormeuil celebrated its 170th Anniversary party at Joel Robuchon Ebisu. Fully done up Geisha girls are dancing as part of the entertainment. Many guests enjoyed the exhibit at the event. “It’s a really special occasion for me and for the company,” says President Dominic Dormeuil, ” It was an emotional moment celebrating 100 years in Japan and 170 years around the world. On display were the collaborative efforts between Dormeuil and 11 Japanese brands.

Appearances: Dominic Dormeuil, Shoko (Multi Artist), Rina Ohta (Model), Hiroki Aiba (Actor), Alisa Urahama (Model), Hana Matsusima (Model), Aska Sakai, Mao Ueda (Model), Takashi Yoshida (President, The Factory), Kazuyoshi Shimomura (Photographer), Elita (Hair & Makeup Artist), Mika Ninagawa (Photographer), Matsuru Matsuoka (Musician), Arashi Yanagawa (Designer, John Lawrence Sullivan), Soichiro Ito (Designer, SOE), Noritaka Tatehana (Shoe Designer),





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