Chanel Spring / Summer 2012 Interview + Women’s Runway Show Ready-To-Wear Collection by designer Karl Lagerfeld.
Beneath the majestic glass dome of the Grand Palais, Karl Lagerfeld transported the audience to the bottom of the sea with his fantasy underwater theme for Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

Models stepped onto the white, open scenery in a soft palette of sea foam green, pearl, shell pink, and seductive nude hues. Organic shapes featuring innovative fabrics and iridescent synthetics, along with geometric motifs inspired by the “fabric paintings” of German abstract artist, Blinky Palermo resulted in a new look for the House of Chanel.

The usual chains, logos, and braids were no where to be seen this season with Chanel’s classic trademark tweeds and pearls the only indicators of the Chanel brand. The house’s iconic tweed suits were given a modern update with open-weave fabrics made from a blend of fiberglass, polyester and nylon. Pearls were used in new and innovative ways as stud piercings and belts and decorative jewelry that adorned each model’s low, slicked backed hair buns.

Silhouettes came in an array of dropped waist dresses and white suits with fine black geometric patterned outlines that seemed to evoke a whole new language and modern way of dressing. The classic Chanel suit jacket was transformed into a cropped bolero, raised ultra-high in the back to reveal a sexy, pearl-studded spine detail. Lagerfeld employed futuristic, lighter than air fabrics, such as waffle-textured organza and printed polyester fabrics that gave the dresses any airy and fluid motion mimicking the symmetry of gills and fins as the models walked.

The show was brought to a climax with a live performance by Florence Welch, Lagerfeld’s current muse and singer with the band Florence + The Machine. The majestic scale and aura of the show was hypnotic and mesmerizing. The audience was utterly captivated and under Karl’s spell as Welch peformed “What the Water Gave Me” during the grand finale.

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